Splash Image: Freie Klasse in Action
Double Banger Movie Week
Online screening via vimeo from 22 March
In the context of »Interflugs 30: feral methods«two films will be shown dealing with the big Berlin university strike of 1988/89 – the beginnings of Interflugs.
»Unistreik 1988« was already made in 1989 with material from the video newspaper by a strike working group. The basic idea was to create a mode of sharing information and a possibility to connect across other universities and to let the spark of the revolution jump through these means.
»Wem gehört die Uni« was made in 2009 by two Interflugs tutors. It combines the video newspaper material works with interviews with old and new Interflugs members aas well as video materials of then current protest actions at the UdK Berlin.
The project group feral methods is excited to share it now, especially in consideration of recent protests actions at UdK which have centred around structural racism, institutional hierarchies and climate justice, and consider the modes of power and governance that still affect the experience of students. »We hope these films enlighten our understanding of protest history and the forms of critical communication that have and can be used for dissent.«
by Julia Hertäg und Sadek Asseily (Q-cine/Interflugs)
BRD 2009, 26 Minutes
(Interflugs Archiv – courtesy of the filmmakers)
A filmic collage of documentary material from past generations of strikes and interviews with those involved at the time. What were and are the reasons for protest and strike at the HdK/UdK? What was the situation in 1988/89 out of which the student organization Interflugs was founded? The half-hour documentary combines the historical with the current – the protests of students during the 2009 end of year show.
by Autonome Arbeitsgruppe Öffentlichkeit Ausland, FU Berlin
BRD1989, 50 Minutes
(courtesy of Autofocus videowerkstatt e.V)
The German universities are on strike. Since the beginning of December, students and, in the meantime, pupils have been protesting and striking almost everywhere in the FRG and in West Berlin. Universities and colleges whose study courses become aligned with the utilization interests of the government and its economy, whose critical professors get dismissed, can no longer offer opportunities for a proper education.
As part of the strike at Berlin’s universities, a video strike newspaper was created by students at Freie Universität, Technische Universität and Hochschule der Künste, which provides daily reports on news, actions and the situation at the universities and schools. Based on the material produced by the video-newspaper, the AG Öffentlichkeit Ausland designed this video as of 12/24/88. The basic idea was to create a possibility for adequate information for the foreign universities. The tape was therefore translated into English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian. (from the program booklet of the VideoFest 89)