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Panel discussion: Direnişin “O” Biçimi…

On the night of May 31st 2013, as thousands of protesters hit the streets of Istanbul demanding their right to the city, not a single one of the mainstream media channels in Turkey reported the event. Mobilized through Twitter, WhatsApp, and many other social media tools, The Gezi Protests became the biggest uprising in the history of modern Turkey.
The LGBTQI community in Turkey united under the name ‘LGBT BLOK’ and played a big role in the resistance, from forming barricades to providing food service and first aid in the Gezi Park occupation. The alliances and solidarity formed in Gezi Park were celebrated by more than 40 thousand people during the Istanbul Pride march on June 30, 2013.
We are holding a panel discussion with Kadir Yılmaz (LGBT activist), Burcu (Activist), Bawer Çakır (Journalist, Blogger) and Ulaş Dutlu (Trans activist, Film Maker) about Gezi Uprising, the LGBTQI involvement and the use of Social Media as weapons of resistance.