Qcine is a platform for young filmmakers in Ber­lin, which is organised via Interflugs at the University of the Arts (UdK).

The group is open for everyone, independent from knowledge and background, to be inscribed at a university is no premiss. Those who seek critique and exchange, or who simply needs a camera to film, is right at Qcine. Screenplays, projects in progress, videos in raw- cut can be brought to the discussion. For the realisation of the projects an edinting- space and equipment are provided.
Once to twice per semester we organise workshops for members and externals and support  film­projects financially.

As a matter of fact the group was called Qcine only from the mid 90s on, before that it was called Die Videozeitung. Like all the other departments of Interflugs “The Videonewspaper” was founded in the time of the student- strikes around 1988/89. The group that formed by then, documented and commented the strikes and other connected political happenings.
Despite the ambiguity of the new name, it stands to reason that “cine” stands for cinema, for cinematography or for the cinephile. And, as far as we can trace from today, that might have been the new-orientation of the group in the late 90s. If, in the first years of the Videozeitung an alternative journalistic reportage was at focus, today it is at the first place more-less  experimental or narrative shortfilms that are produced, presented and discussed at Qcine.

Actual information about the meetings are to be found on the web-page. There you find as well announcements for the upcoming workshops and screenings:

Download: Quick start guide for filming with digital SLR’s