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Hello network of friends, students, organizers, artists and

Interflugs is the rebel faculty organized collectively by students who
labor to provide access and resources and re-distribute privileges of
the liberal arts institution in ways that make this place, hopefully a
little more live-able, disruptive and joyous.  We try to support and
engage radical generative modes of being in our labor and create place/s
for wildness.

We are not a political group but we will support all forms of critical
gatherings and resistance to toxic power. We work collectively in
resistance to hierarchies and we try to grow and sustain connections
with people both in and out of and  ”of and not of the institution.’’

For almost 30 years, Interflugs has been operating as a self-organized autonoumous student organization. Alongside students and teachers, and in communication with artists and cultural organizations, Interflugs acts independently and critically to open up space for all manners of discussion, artistic disciplines and self-education initiatives that go beyond or counteract the education machinery of UdK.  Interflugs  runs departments such as the equipment loan, the editing rooms, project funding, and the organization of workshops, lectures and the free class.

We host regular workshops and lectures across interdisciplinary fields
of knowledge with artists, collectives, activists and people, organised
by students working at Interflugs, and we are always open for
suggestions and collaboration. All of these events are free to access
and we try to offer online access when feasible. Please see the
following platforms via which we host events:


The ASV platform (autonomous student projects), later Interflugs, was founded after a strike of the Berlin universities in 1988 / 89 as a reaction to the student demands at the UdK (then still HdK). At the same time, the Free Class was created at the Faculty of Fine Arts. The university president at the time provided an unprecedented budget for the autonomous student platform. Meanwhile shrunk to about half of the budget at that time, Interflugs tries to maintain the existing funds and resources and to manage them without bureaucracy and hierarchy. In its self-managed form, Interflugs is a unique construct and permanent experiment that does not exist in this form at any other art school. More about the history of Interflugs can be found in the last Interflugs publication and in the archive.