Splash Image: Freie Klasse in Action

Zeina Abirached is a graphic-designer, illustrator and comic book writer who works in Paris, France. Zeina Abirached was born in Beirut, Lebanon, which is as much of a character as a location in her graphic narratives. In 2008 she published Je me souviens Beyrouth–I remember Beirut. Born in 1981, she grew up surrounded by the civil war. Zeina Abirached studied advertising and graphic design in the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) in Beirut, and 2D animation at the Ecole Nationale des Arts-Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris.

Her graphic novel, Le jeu des hirondelles, in English; Game for swallows is published in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Finnish and Swedish. Zeina Abirached works with a striking, decorative approach and inventive graphic solutions in her comics, that often are in black and white. Her comic books are published in France by éditions Cambourakis, www.cambourakis.com.