Splash Image: Freie Klasse in Action

Freie Klasse

The Freie Klasse was an open-project-class at the faculty of fine arts at the University of the Arts Berlin. It was founded in 1989, with the background of Berlin-wide student-strikes and of the professor-callings, which were criticized by the students. Up to 1999/2000 a regular course studying was possible in Freie Klasse. After they’ve been taken the right to officially be a class of the faculty 1 they developed into a professor-independent platform for collective projects, financed by a limited budget through university. At the moment the structure of Freie Klasse is changing and in process.

The room 34C is available for student groups to realize their ideas collectively and freie klasse is open to political and critical aspects that is brought from the student initiatives.

On top of offering our facilities (room 34C) and support for students collectives/ initiatives- students may follow the guidelines below for their proposals to create content through Interflugs:

1. Content

2. Proposal

3. Structure

1. Content of the Workshops

Freie Klasse aims to give students access to unavailable content and to fill the gaps found within in the educational structure of UdK. Our propose is to build a bridge between students and the outside community of Berlin, and to increase awareness of the contemporary, ever-changing political issues, technical developments and art scene. The content may vary, but it is very important that is open enough for all levels of participants- although that isn’t to say it can’t be specific.

2. What needs to be in a proposal

Every student can collaborate with Freie Klasse in three different possible ways:

  • proposing a topic that is lacking inside UdK
  • proposing a technical workshop providing skills lacking in UdK
  • proposing a workshop facilitator, artist talk and/or lecture

When all proposals are considered, the ones covering topics generally lacking within UdK curriculum will be given priority.  Empowering content with critical social-justice and/or emancipatory topics, socio-political relevance, or if it is in connection with socially disadvantaged persons affects by racism and/or classism will be also given priority. 

The selection of proposals will be discussed in the open Interflugs meetings that are held every Monday evening. We welcome all students, especially ones who have sent proposals to attend and to participate in the decision making process.

Why: Please state in 2-3 sentences the importance of why the event you are proposing should take place. For example, what has drawn you to this topic or artist and how can UdK students benefit from this.

Dates: Generally we propose our workshops to take place on a Friday or Saturday so as many people can attend.

A short description: For your workshop, please provide a 1-2 paragraph description and be as clear as possible in this outline so that everyone is able to understand for better participation from students, etc.

The proposal also has to include;

  • a bio from the facilitator/artist
  • a title for the workshop
  • maximum number of participants
  • an image that we can use to advertise the workshop but this is also open /we can propose an image from Interflugs.

3. Structure of Freie Klasse events has to follow

Lecture  1 day = max 2 hours

Workshop  1 day = 8 hours /day

2 day = 4 hours / day

Interflugs offers 150€ for Lectures and 400 € for Workshops.

* If more time is needed or you would like to propose a different structure this would need to be discussed.

* If there are additional material costs, these can be covered but need to be discussed in the organization of your workshop.

** We cannot cover accommodation, travel expenses or food**

Please send all proposals with your name and contact information to : @