Splash Image: Freie Klasse in Action

Freie Klasse

The Freie Klasse was an open-project-class at the faculty of fine arts at the University of the Arts Berlin. It was founded in 1989, with the background of Berlin-wide student-strikes and of the professor-callings, which were criticized by the students. Up to 1999/2000 a regular course studying was possible in Freie Klasse. After they’ve been taken the right to officially be a class of the faculty 1 they developed into a professor-independent platform for collective projects, financed by a limited budget through university. At the moment the structure of Freie Klasse is changing and in process.

The room 34C is available for student groups to realize their ideas collectively and freie klasse is open to political and critical aspects that is brought from the student initiatives. The process that frei klasse going through does not exclude ideas of collaboration, apart of that Freie Klasse focus on preparation tasks for 30 year anniversary; (Archiving/documenting video materials, communications with invited guests, with former Interflugs members etc…)Parallel to Freie Klasse organized series of workshops and seminars within Interflugs, Freie Klasse is open for students collectives/ initiatives with ideas for projects/ classes to be realized. Offering our facilities (room 34C) and support.

A documentation of former projects can be found at www.freieklasse.de

For room/resource requests, please contact us: