Interflugs Documentary Film Week: Cinema of Resistance

Interflugs invites you to ‘Interflugs Film Week: Cinema of Resistance’ which will take place between 3rd , 4th and 5th of October in Kino Moviemento, and a following panel discussion at aquarium on the 6th of October.

We are presenting the first edition of our Documentary Film Week, hoping to continue with different
focuses every year.
Documentary cinema is one of the forms that can serve to tell untold stories which cannot find representation in the mainstream narrations. Throughout the democratization of tools which allows us to produce visual images, documentary cinema has become more and more a way of activism, resisting groups witnessing, archiving and transferring their story. With this Film Week, we are trying to introduce different examples of documentary films to the audience, in order to open a space for discussion from the perspective of resisting subjects, who are also filmmakers themselves in this case.

About this year’s theme:
This year our focus is Turkey, North Kurdistan and Northern Syria, or Rojava (Western Kurdistan) the
name which became known all over the world.
After the so called peace process ended violently in Turkey, local politicians and MPs as well as academicians and journalists faced huge repression. Kazım Kızıl, video activist and documentary filmmaker, was only one of those who had to experience imprisonment while the Kurdish people and their representatives had to experience massacre of civilians and demolition of cities alongside with captivities in prisons and exile. In our times, where the truth claimed to be accessible to everyone through new media, murder of civilians in the basements of Cizre was not eligible to be spoken enough as a truth even the phone call to the victims was being streamed at the same time. Leyla İmret, protagonist of the film Dil Leyla, as the youngest mayor in Turkey, was also one of those who experienced the process. We would like to focus on the latest developments in Turkey through the lens of ongoing war in Northern Kurdistan, and try to reveal the ‘truth’, under the shadow of narrations produced by manipulated mass-media, censorship and repression.
On the other hand, the revolution in Northern Syria has developed further in the last years, lead by women and created a new model of society based on the Kurdish Movement’s ideology. The revolution in Rojava is still giving a fight based on self-defense and its visual narration with a revolutionary perspective is started to be formed as well through the Film Kommune located in Rojava as well as a considerable number of local and international filmmakers, which is represented in our program with few short films focusing on city of Kobane. Here we would like to discuss how to produce our own stories in difficult times.
When the academicians started to face another huge witch hunt in Turkey, the university students wrote on the walls: ‘The Truth Does not Obey’. But what is truth, in this age of manipulation and oppression? How the documentary cinema can serve it? What makes the documentary cinema an essential tool of witnessing and transferring narrations?

Screenings: Kino Moviemento: Kottbusser Damm 22
Pnale Discussion: Aquarium, Skalitzerstr. 6 (Behind Südblock)

Hypercoup: Rise of the Troll Nation, 61’ (Q&A with directors)
03.10 15:00

The Tree of Eternity: The Yırca Resistance, 53’
03.10 17:00

Shorts Program: Sniper of Kobani 12’/ Meryem/ Distant/ Red Handkerchief (Q&A with Leyla Toprak)
04.10 19:00

Dil Leyla
05.10 19:00

Panel Discussion:
with Leyla Toprak and Mizgin Müjde Arslan