FRAUEN* WOLLEN REVOLUTION: Internationalistische Frauen* Kampf Demo

“We organize against patriarchy, war, racism and fascism! War, fascism, capitalism, poverty and violence are part of one system. We don’t want to change this system, we want it gone! Germany and other Western countries profit for centuries from the colonisation of the world. They still profit from war and genocide, and export weapons to conflict regions. When people flee, they are met with racist and sexist state violence. We fight against racism and fascism in the streets and in the parliament! We fight against state attempts to criminalize resistance! We fight to end femicide and domestic violence. We struggle against rape culture, where violence against women*, non-binary, inter* and trans*people is perceived as normal – at work, by state authorities, on the streets, at home.This society is built on the systematic exploitation of women*: of our labor, our bodies, and our spirit. It isolates women* from each other – in prisons, Lagers, workplaces and homes.

No matter how bad a situation of a group of people, women* in this group often have worse conditions. To free and liberate ourselves, in a time when hegemonic governments have decided to support attacks and fascism around the world, we have no choice but to come together and fight back! We have no choice but revolution! We want to build a society based on communal life and feminist solidarity! Where water and land are common goods, not private property! We fight for our self-determination over our existence, our gender identity, our bodies and our spirits! We will fight and we will win by organizing ourselves and defending ourselves! By practicing solidarity with each other!By organizing International Strikes! By taking the streets! BY FIGHTING TOGETHER!”

**When we write women* we mean WLTI – WomenLesbianTrans*Inter*
**This demonstration welcomes only WLTI – Women, Lesbians, Trans*, Inter*

A video archiving the demonstration:

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