I’ve Got the Power / Dert Bende Derman Bende

How does one heal after losing their dearest?
How can one say goodbye without a funeral?
How can families grieve for their deceased loved ones when themselves are under attack?
What if there is no justice, not even a mere prosecution?
What does it mean to die as an ‘other’?
How can a fringe community create their own tradition of mourning?

As Hande, Salih, Buse and Nihal face their fears, confront death, and grieve, their long-time friends and comrades, the director and her crew accompany them in their journey. Coming together in a storytelling workshop that was exclusively developed for this documentary and tailored for the protagonists, they reveal their unique ordeal of losing family and friends in tragic deaths. Each starts a journey from being reserved and hesitant to open and attentive. As they reflect and share, they laugh and cry; they hug, hold and lift each other up. They sit together in silence. They feel awkward, funny and weak. They find power in being weak. They create power.

As a direct confrontation with death, at the end of their unique process in the workshop, the protagonists develop their own funeral ceremonies. Holding a symbolic importance, the protagonists are encouraged to plan their funeral performances in detail, as a tribute to their untold farewells.

When the funerals start, the protagonists are reborn as superheroes in their musical fantasy. Inspired by a rendition of a song at their late comrade’s burial, each protagonist chooses a tribute song. Together each of the four creates glamorous performances of music and/or spoken word.
Through costumes, dancers and the mood, a glamorous gay atmosphere redefines our relation with funerals in a utopian vision. These dream funerals are not about saying farewells but celebrating the lives of our queer protagonists.