Interflugs on

Guided tour through an archive of selforganisation / by interflugs and radio 226

DEAR LISTENERS. before we start with the podcast of RADIO226 you might be already waiting for, we play a fresh & fancy little radiopiece we made with and about interflugs and its history & future, for, today 27.07., 8 pm again in the real waves. 88.4, thank you reboot!
Five members of Interflugs ASV (Autonomous students activities), the self-organised student organisation at the University of the Arts Berlin, communicate with the group’s archive, history and present. Prepare yourself for a dystopian radio play worked out by an anti-institution within the institution. The piece is in German.

Fünf Mitglieder von Interflugs ASV (Autonome studentische Vorhaben), der selbstorganisierten Studierendenorganisation an der Universität der Künste Berlin, kommunizieren mit dem Archiv, der Geschichte und dem daily life dieser Anti-Institution in der Institution. Bereiten Sie sich auf ein dystopisches Hörspiel vor.

(here you can find this show and also lots of other stuff of the finest radio around)