The Land of Thunder and Lightning

The Land of Thunder and Lightning 
Carbon Footprint Walk
Daniela Medina Poch
Berlin, 2020
How are Germany and the Wayuu community in Northern South America interdependent? What is the Source of our everyday Resources, and in what ways is acknowledgment of these Sources an essential step in stopping the vertical relationship of  exploitation between territories and communities?  How to permeate the ubiquity of our systems and lifestyles by unveiling what is present yet invisibled


The Land of Thunder and Lightning is a carbon footprint walk that attempts to unveil the intricate relationship between sources and resources – especially in relation to the coal extraction in north Colombia and its energy conversion through Vattenfall in Germany.

Through a designated route (surrounding the electric utility, the clubs and the Spree river), a sound piece and a ritual with water, the Land of Thunder and Lightning is an endogenous urban experience that links elements such as water, coal and energy in relation to two and scapes: one in which our daily lives takes place and another one which sustains it.

The Land of Thunder and Lightning is an artistic act of visualisation and symbolical transformation – part of an on-going-research process that includes several other experiments.

Daniela Medina Poch (Bogotá, Colombia) is an artist, writer and researcher currently part of the MA Kunst im Kontext.