titv_pilotit program

TiTV is a group creating surrealistit-educatitve video contents addressed to a diverse audience of all ages. By generatiting different types of contentit via experimental audiovisual, live performance, interviews and special effects. Our videos want to focus on the mission of transmutatiting taboos involving tits in society and its designated gender roles by exploring titechniques outside of formal conventions, with humor and empowerment.
Inspired by the likes of Paper Tiger Tv,, we have been exploring titechniques such as green-screen lo-fi in live sci-fi trips asking:
1) How to live with tits in society? How to do this during a time of crisis as our bodies are the new enclaves of biopower? How to raise consciousness changing and encourage practising new behaviors? 2) How to develop pleasure and spontaneity praxis as disassembly titactics for oppressive patterns? 3) How to escape the individualistitic identities placed upon us rather than the ability for collectitive emancipation? 4) Which ways can our intergalactic netitwork contribute and evolve inter-dimensionally as response to the chaos now and into the future? 5) Who is the tit?
We first connectited through the queer+trans feminist DIY community space(ship), @Raumerweiterungshalle, during the “OrchesTitstra Laboratitory” – a collaborative tit-theremin group experience” workshop proposed by Teta Lírica (Marie Carangi) in summer 2019. Since then we keep meeting and experimenting, shooting and writting together. For the pilottit episode we would like to have a shootiting day in the same space(ship) we started, inviting people to do tit together. Since we wait for the moment where we can get together again, we keep remotitly investitgating creating narratitives through online meetitings and using an online platitform <> as a place for research and sharing contitents.
formed by Teta Lírica, Toxina Matamalas, T Blank, and RheremiT