AUDIOVISUAL JOURNEYS: A Journey Through Ableton and TouchDesigner Realm

Date: 06/08/2020
A journey through Ableton and TouchDesigner realm

Workshop by _Rara and Ab Ru _

Dates: 6+7+8 August // Afternoons 12 – 2 pm 
Register: freieklasse@interflugs.local
*limited number of participants*

For beginners, non-musicians and total newcomers. This workshop is aimed at those who are curious to learn and play with sound and visual, and it will help you develop your original idea in performing with visual and sound. We will introduce different techniques that will allow you to experiment with Ableton comfortably, exercise your creativity quickly and with simple tools. 

You will be able to export your own sound designs or songs, as well as becoming more familiar with new immersive Visual tools perspective using open source accessible programs such as Touchdesigner and how the 2 links together. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to produce your own experimental Multi-media project you will be given all the material created on class, and you will be able to discover one of the two most powerful tools today when it comes to audio and visual performances.

The tools
Ableton is the most innovative DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) out there, is one of the most used for live performances and is a great tool to start discovering the world of audiovisual experiences, with it we will Learn differences between genres, specifically famous electronic music styles, learn what differentiates their favorite genre in terms of things like pitch, rhythmic style, texture and energy. Get tips to discover your own taste and how that can inspire or translate into your own music making or sound design.

TouchDesigner is an immersive professional tool that can be used in many ways, from interactive installations to projection mapping and everything that involves live rendering, is one of the most potent tools today to create immersive experiences, when its connected to sound possibilities are expanded.

if you want to be hands-on
-Download Ableton Trial – Start your 90 Days Free Trial Countdown [1].
-Download TouchDesigner –

Also you can come empty handed or with a audio or visual reference you are curious about.

Workshop Plan:
First Session: 
[QUICK DIVE Ableton —> Touchdesigner]
RARA Starts the Ableton tour then with Ab Ru we dive into TouchDesigner wearing our Ableton suit.

We will start by getting engaged with each other and connected, and hyped about playing with Ableton.
With Rara we will be guided through Ableton to see how you can experiment with Ableton comfortably, exercise your creativity quickly and with simple tools. 

Ab Ru will introduce everyone to what you can do with Touchdesigner how other artist uses it in many different fields and how it LINKS with Ableton and we will also create our first TD Patch!!

Second Session:
[DEEP DIVE uncharted waters] 
Expanding on day one for both programs and exploring hidden pockets. As we get familiar with Touchdesigner, how to experiment further with it.
We will move from the Audio to the Visual project and explore how to finish or export a full multimedia project or performance.

Third Session:
[LAST NIGHTt a VJ saved my life]
Feedback, sharing and discussing with all participant’s experimental outputs or attempts they tried after the first 2 sessions.

PS. Participants will also get a package of references and resources that will be useful for them once they start their own journeys. Including some well rounded electronic music playlist from our RAVE DJ instructors. 
> Biographies
Nadim (Rara) is a music producer and audio-visual artist based in Egypt, working with different mediums and open access programs. He comes from an economics background and a master’s in Environmental Strategy
from the University of Surrey, UK. He has throughout the years been parts of different experimental art collectives, connecting concepts of sustainability to art. 

Andrea (Ab Ru) is a Videogame Sound Designer that has been freelancing in London wince 2016, he has developed immersive video installation for the London based collective M.O.B since 2017, currently contributing to community events in the underground rave scene of London and currently in Calabria where he is based.