BEHAVING DIFFERENTLY! And the houses were emptyBEHAVING DIFFERENTLY! And the houses were empty


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And the houses were empty – Projections on the crisis

And the houses were empty is an  assemblage of inputs on the crisis by activists, artists and theoreticians, that will present different takes on the subject. The aim is to collectively review and discuss artistic and political positions from multiple angles, draw connections and identify disruptions.

The crisis of capitalism – at the moment in the stage of the so-called sovereign debt crisis – produces personal and political fears and hopes as well as ideological projections. We want to take a closer look at the situation, past and present:

  • A chapter from the experimental documentary ‘CrashVertrauenTeer’ (2009) / Gruppe Videotext
  • Audiofeatures on the crisis in Greece (Athens, 2011) / Tanja Röckemann, Henning Fischer
  • An examination of the legend of the „lazy Greeks“ / Christoph Ernst
  • Solidarity economics as an oppositional practice – analyses and examples / Jorge Goncalvez


is a lecture series on models of resistant economies in art and cultural work.

“The State (…) is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of human behavior; we destroy it by contracting other relationships, by behaving differently.” Gustav Landauer

  • 24.11.11 Oliver Clemens: Common City
  • 10.01.12 Natascha Sadr Haghighian: SOLO SHOW – On questions of authorship, division of labour and value added in contemporary art
  • 26.01.12 Constanze Kurz, Frank Rieger (Chaos Computer Club) and Dmytri Kleiner (Telekommunisten Network): The Price and Value of Free Culture
  • 02.02.12 Société Réaliste: Invest / Invent
  • 25.02.12 And the houses were empty – Projections on the crisis
  • 17.04.12 Brett Bloom (Temporary Services): Radical space for art
  • 24.04.12 Åsa Sonjasdotter: Potato Perspective and notions on formal and informal circulation of knowledge