BioTRANSlab: Hacking science for a Transfeminsim narrative

Date: 19/07/2019

Interflugs is pleased to announce an upcoming workshop “BioTRANSlab: Hacking science for a Transfeminsim narrative” with Paula Pin!

On July 19 + 20  from 13- 17 uhr at Universität der Künste- Room 9, Hardenbergstrasse 33 , 10623

Places are limited for only 10 participants, so if you are interested send an email with your name and few sentences about yourself- titled “BioTRANSlab” to : @

The workshop is free of charge.

Extension from description including in poster:

Day 1 // Introduction of :  Techno[i]logikes & trans[hack]feminism  , Queering Labs, and Embodiment propioception emergences building_cooperative

Day 2 // Open bioTrans Lab : During the Open Lap we will build together some of the tools/devices from the bIO trANS Lab to experiment with these topics:     Build a microscope, DIY / DIWO 3D printing technology, open speculations, and Pornnoisenicolau also (pap stain)

Information about Paula Pin:

Pin is a researcher and artist activist with a strong inclination towards research and experimentation processes with collective and free technologies. Her work emerges from within a scientific tradition of research and experimentation, running throughout drawing to abstract video, circuit bending and lab experiments- located in the intersection where biology, science and queer art collide. Interactive kinetic sculptures, immersible environments, audiovisual installations, performance and direct action are the art disciplines that she has used in her search for developing new channels to communicate desires and sensations, using the physical body as the bridge which connects nature and technology. This activity of workshops, sharing her knowledge and spreading the ethic of DIY and open technology, is an integral part of her practice.