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Color Grading Workshop by Jorge Piquer

16.11 / 17.11 / 18.11


Friday: 17-20 hrs.

Sat – Sun: 11-18 hrs.


Number of participants: 10-12

Language: english

Free of charge

Registration ends on 11th November

>>> freieklasse@interflugs.local


The use of color in films contributes to evoke emotions and it is an important element in the storytelling. This workshop will introduce us to color theory and color grading techniques using Davinci Resolve. Which is highly regarded as the most used professional color grading software tool in the film and video industry. We will take a look at the workflow, the interface, importing from other softwares, editing, colour grading, and delivery. We will also deal with how to set up a professional colour grading studio on a limited budget, making independent film work possible.

There will be one station with the softwares required for each two participants, so you don’t need to bring your own computer.



Color theory & color grading

Basics: Contrast, Color, Saturation

Primary and Secondary Corrections

General overview of Davinci Resolve

Building a grading suite; choosing your tools & hardware.

Moods / Looks / LUTs / Emotions & Narration through the color palette


Who can join?

This Workshop is open to every filmmakers, video artists, aspiring colourists,

cinematographers and anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge on this subject.

Due to limited capacity, please provide us a short motivation letter.


About the workshop-holder

Jorge Piquer has worked as a freelance cinematographer and colourist for the past 10 years. He’s done film-work for features, documentaries, short films and advertisements. In 2006, he founded the production company La Ignorancia, which has produced various dance films, installations, and performances. In his work, he is always searching for new possibilities in analogue and digital filmmaking. He has worked with filmmakers and artists such as Salomé Lamas, Tamer El Said, Marcin Malaszczak, Josephine Decker, Khristine Gillard and Jen Debauche, among others.

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