Cut & Paste: An intuitive approach to video-editing

Date: 09/07/2020
With Ginés Olivares
9 – 10 July // 2-6pm
*limited number of participants*
register: freieklasse@interflugs.local
In this 2 day workshop we will learn the basic workflow of the entire video editing process: from importing video material to cutting and exporting a
final video.
The focus of the workshop is to reveal strategies to work with your original ideas and your own video material. Through a few practical exercises and checking out examples from cinema and film-theory we will submerge into the art of Montage (time, rhythm and space). Researching together and finding narratives and hidden dramaturgies that can help you to focus on the main theme of your video piece. This workshop is a cross over between basic technical issues and the poetics of the cut & paste.
The workshop will be based in Premiere Pro 2020 but each participant can work inside their own preferred editing software to work on the assigned exercises. Links to Reading materials and videos will be delivered before the workshop so that each participant has time to engage with them and prepare for the workshop.
Participants must have some knowledge of editing before undertaking this workshop.
Each participant is required to have at least one complete edited video.  Link of the video is requested -please send with your registration email.
*Software:  Free Trial*
Premiere pro has a 7 days test version that you can use for the workshop.
Ginés Olivares (1976 Santiago, Chile) relocated to Berlin in 2002 and has been working as a film-editor/artist and dramaturgical consultant on many
different projects including over 10 feature-length Documentaries. Ginés  has work with many video artists including: Doireann O’Malley, Esra Ersen, Pol Merchan and he is part of the mmmmmfilm collective, producing art films, performances and installations that has been shown at Zebra Film Festival, the exhibition ALIVE in the UNIVERSE in the Venice Biennale 2019 and other Festivals, Biennials and Galleries in Europe and Latin America.