Dilated Eye to Eye: Racial Tokenism within Art

Date: 23/11/2019

registration at : freieklasse@interflugs.local
*limited # of participants*
Priority given to Black, Indigenous and People of Colour*
23 Nov 2019 / 11am – 17.30pm
@ Room 9, Hardenbergstrasse 33, 10623

We are more than a symbol of inclusivity and diversity.
“To truly be representative and inclusive of diversity, we must allow artists of colour to speak from their experience without expecting a particular narrative, and we must allow for disagreements between them.” – Zoya Patel

*Dilate the way Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPoC) see eye to eye and don’t. This means people who endure forms of racism that uphold white supremacy.

This workshop will guide participants through better understanding and discussing forms of racial tokenism within art institutions, practices and the industry. We believe in the healing effect through connections in safer spaces. In saying so, we invite UdK students who have been subjected to racial tokenism, giving BIPoC priority to the workshop.

The goal is to consider ways the institution, faculty, other students and industry can ensure that the implementation of inclusivity and diversity is not simply an act of tokenism, as well as how BIPoC are tokenised. Alongside this, we will explore strategies that may aid in the overwhelming and over-dominating moments where the white gaze is placed upon our bodies and work. We believe that discovering means of telling one’s own story in its purest form to the self is an indispensable act of personal empowerment. Furthermore, as each individual’s journey is unique, with shifting plateaus, a community that supports and understands is imperative. Therefore, we will also be touching on building and sustaining the power of community in order to truly meet inclusivity and diversity within the institution and beyond.

The workshop will be mainly in English with German translation possible.

About facilitators:

Vicky Truong
Vicky Truong is an alternative educator, community organiser, activist, cook and advocate for empowerment and disruption to systemic forms of marginalisation. She has been facilitating Eye to Eye workshops since 2018 for the Asian diaspora and is pleased to widen its horizon through the series Dilated Eye to Eye.

Sarah Naqvi
Sarah Naqvi is a political scientist and activist. Throughout her studies her work was situated on the intersections of postcolonial studies, antiracism and migration policies. Sarah is currently working for a non-governmental organization. Since the summer 2019, she joined Vicky Truong in organizing the Eye to Eye workshops; offering a safer space for people of Asian descent to find subversive ways of healing and empowering together.