Momentary Gazes with Lior Shamriz


Unser Sauen workshop is endlich da!! 🙂
Er findet vom 28.06 bis zum 02.07 statt.
Anmeldungen bitte an

Liebe Grüße,
Rita & Sadek

Momentary Gazes
Filmmaking workshop

In this workshop we will make films based on short texts – poems and mini-poems, haikus, shopping lists, sonnetts, math equations – as you wish.
We will be guided by a tension that exists in films, between their funcionality as ‘windows to the world’ and their functionality as texts.
On the one hand – the proclaimed attempt of motion pictures to be a technical representation of a three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional frame, a false testimony, a mirage of mimicry and a cheap replication of our conscioussness – the runaway troupe of the Cartesian theater.
On the other hand – being an effective temporal medium to transmit a meta-spaciotemporal code.
We will attempt to play music with a string connected to these two poles.

Practical Info

Each participant filmmaker will bring a short text she/he wishes to work with and potentially make her/his/their own film.
We strongly encourage you to bring with you two or one collaborator/s. In particular – as performers, but also as collaborators in camera work or anything else (or each person in the group as a perfomer in the other one’s work.)

  • The workshop will take place in Sauen, during 28.6. – 2.7.2012
  • Due to limited resources and time, the max. number of participants is 15
  • The workshop is about creating one’s own work. So you should be able and ready to shoot and edit your own material. If you are a beginner, we will give some assistance.


LIOR SHAMRIZ. Born 1978 in Ashkelon (Israel), resides in Berlin. A prolific filmmaker, churning out experimental shorts and two features, he channels the trickster spirit of the 60’s auteurs in his cinema of humorous/political deconstruction, using cinema as the perfect space to discuss ideas – about being, truth, class, sexuality and the Other.
At 18, skipping the army, moved to Tel-Aviv and started making films, music and taking part in collective art projects. Studied film at the Jerusalem Film School and media at the UdK, Berlin. His featurette JAPAN JAPAN (2006/7), produced independently with a micro- budget, showed at ca. 50 intl film fests, inc. Locarno, Sarajevo, MoMA’s ND/NF, BAFICI. His debut full-length SATURN RETURNS (2009) premiered openingTorino Film Festival’s Onde, was nominated to the Max Ophüls Preis in Germany and co-won the New Berlin Award at Achtung Berlin film festival. RETURN RETURN (2010), a non-narrative video based on clips from SATURN RETURNS, premiered at the 60th Berlin Film Festival’s Forum Expanded.