Money money money: Talking about collective financial

Money money money: Talking about collective financial resources

Date: 09/03/2021

Workshop with cash group collective

What does it mean to share money with other people, independently from classical constructs like family, state or hetero- and homo-normative relationships?

Is it possible to cheat the capitalist system, even just a little bit? Or is a financial cooperative just another facet of neoliberal sharing economies? What else do we talk about when we talk about money?

Cash group are five people in four different cities. They are not related and do not live together. They have been sharing all their income and all their expenses for the past ten years and have collectivised part of their savings and part of their debts.

The cash group members do not only share their money, but also their lives. In a society in which everything is always linked to money, they connect precisely through this. They do so by looking at what is actually meant when people talk about money over and over again. Money is always also about work, future and past, class background, race, burnout, family, relationships, consumption, career, education, privileges, trust, housing, feelings, revolution, dogs and cats, gender, climate, salted butter, past injuries, injustice and much more. In order to share money in solidarity and care, money needs to be thought of, discussed and treated so broadly.

In the workshop the cash group shares with the participants experiences from 10 years of and support you in planning and implementing your own cooperatives.

The workshop will be held in German and / or English, depending on the needs of the participants.