Motion Design: After Effects for beginners

Date: 01/07/2020
Learning a walking cycle with Petra Peterffy
1 – 2 – 3 July // 12-14pm
*limited number of participants*
register from: freieklasse@interflugs.local

If you’re interested in learning animation at first you might find yourself overwhelmed by the long list of motion design softwares, feeling unsure which one to pick and invest time & energy in. If you already have some basic Photoshop and Illustrator skills, then Adobe After Effects is definitely a useful tool to learn.

Petra is going to guide us through the most important parts of AE’s interface, show you how to work with imported files created in Illustrator and Photoshop and we will learn how to move and modify objects through animating a walking cycle.
See reference: Password: workshop2020

This workshop will help you to understand the basic features of the software and hopefully give you the confidence to do experiments and deepen your knowledge on your own.

1st day: Getting to know the interface, creating compositions, animating shapes

2nd day: Animating a walking cycle

3rd day: Applying effects, rendering


Required software: Adobe After Effects CS6 / Adobe After Effects 2018 (English)

We can use either of these depending on which one the majority of the participants prefers. I’ll send everyone some materials and instructions a few days before the course begins.

Petra Peterffy is a Berlin based illustrator/motion designer and (if Covid 19 allows) soon a graduate at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She started off her creative path in 2012 designing covers for a music label, her style has been going through a constant change ever since but remained a mixture of digital and analogue techniques. In 2018 she started bringing her images into motion, you can check out her most recent work here: