Power, Pose and Sweat: Body Consciousness Workshop

Power, Pose and Sweat: Body Consciousness Workshop

Date: 21/12/2019

Workshop with FemmeFitness X Many Faced Godx

Date: 21.12.19
Time: 10:00-16:00
Place: Studio 6, Uferstudios: Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin
registration at: freieklasse@interflugs.local
*limited # of participants*How do we connect to our bodies? How can we be more conscious of them?
What is self-consent? How do poses affect how we feel in our bodies? How
can we heal our relationship to our bodies?This six hour workshop aims to create a safe(r) space to express femme
and queer energy with movement. Through their practices Anisha Müller
and Dornika Kazerani will explore different methods of empowerment –
combining dance fitness with meditation and inspired by some elements
from Vogue. Part-high energy and endorphins and part-calm, collected
learning, the workshop will explore practical ways to be conscious in
our bodies. The aim is to move towards being more present in ourselves
acknowledging factors that could make us dissociate, and translating
energy in a way that (re)connects us to our bodies. There will be space
to open conversations whilst being sensitive to people’s lived
experiences. Moving away from structured thinking and western centric
analysis of the body, Dornika and Anisha hope to encourage a creative
and unintimidating approach to empowerment.The first half of the workshop the focus will be to make people feel
secure in the setting and engage in self-consent practices in fitness
and dance. The second half aims to reframe a binary and male coded idea
of ‘Power Poses’, looking towards femme and queer alternatives. There
will be both small group work and whole group participation, making sure
the individuals all feel comfortable to be creative and honest in how
they show up.

Please wear clothes that you can move in (and feel empowered in) and
sports shoes for the FemmeFitness routines. There will be a break for
lunch where you can buy food or you can bring something to eat, and
don’t forget water!

❤ Everyone is welcome to this event but keep in mind this is a safe(r)
space for femmes and queer people, particularly of colour, so their
needs, voices and feels will be prioritised. Let us know how you
identify when you sign up, including pronouns and access needs, so we
can plan accordingly and we encourage ally’s to reflect how they use
this space. Ofcl be respectful aka no sexism, racism, fatphobia,
homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any other discriminatory language or
behaviour ❤

For further queries you can get in touch directly on or

Facilitator Bios:

Anisha Müller is an artist and activist from the UK who gives
empowerment workshops and talks. She specialises in feminist body
practice where her main achievement has been founding and teaching the
dance workout class: FemmeFitness. Her work is driven by the need to
confront and discuss the policing of bodies, safer spaces and critical
whiteness. Aiming to bring QTIPOC to the front, she has given talks and
workshops including with CutieBiPoC, Anticolonial Month, The Night
Embassy, Mobile Kino Festival and Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Dornika Kazerani is a multi facetted visual, performance and movement
artist and musician from Tehran. She moved to Berlin three years ago,
where she discovered her passion for Voguing and Drag. She has been
actively performing in the queer nightlife scene as gender fluid drag
creature Many Faced Godx. She’s performed at Schwuz, Berghain Kantine,
SO36, Whole united queer festival, Queer Rotterdam Festival and CTM
Festival (upcoming) and more. Her work focuses mainly on body trauma,
self-healing, mental health, immigration, and queer feminist sex
positive liberation.