»refusing — insisting — and remembering to breathe« with jee chan

Date: 16/03/2021



and remembering to breathe

workshop with jee chan

This workshop takes place via zoom in two parts. The number of participants is limited. Please register for both parts / on both days*

The two-day workshop facilitated by jee chan offers an informal space to collectively think through strategies of complaint within institutional settings. Between 2019 and 2020, jee led a complaint effort at their university to hold numerous instances of staff misconduct to account. Focusing on practices of care and solidarity, this workshop is designed for all who are / have engaged in complaints and other forms of resistance in the face of institutional oppression, as well as those who may not have but feel an urge (or need) to. There will be time for developing and sharing our respective contexts of resistance, for listening, for reading and for resting.

jee chan “is an artist, dancer and choreographer whose practices make visible that which is always already there (big and true, just beneath the surface). their work is often informed by a soft sensitivity to site as well as a sustained interrogation of (post-)colonial power. they hold a ba (hons) in contemporary performance practice from the royal conservatoire of scotland, where they were an rcs undergraduate scholar and a founding member of the people of colour collective. they have facilitated workshops and sharings as visiting artist at the “beyond repair” summer school of the german pavilion, 58th venice biennale and on the hfk bremen fine arts programme (2019-2020), in collaboration with the visual artist, stefan pente. born in singapore, they are currently based in berlin.”

* In light of the covid-19 pandemic situation and prevailing public health guidelines, this workshop will be held online. Capacity for this workshop is limited so as to ensure that everyone can share and learn in a way that is as equitable as possible. In the event that we receive more registrations than there is space for, jee and the organizing team will try to make a considered selection on the basis of urgency and privilege. The workshop will be held in english.

To register, please send a short expression of interest (introducing yourself and motivation to attend) to feralmethods[at] (subject: refusing — insisting —) by March 9th. We will get back to you shortly. Should you have any questions about registering, require this information in an alternative format, or have access requirements we need to meet to support you, please contact Ernest at feralmethods[at]