[:en]Safer Online Behavior and Creative Uses of New Technologies[:]


[:en]Today we are living in a world where every move we make is tracked and
profiled through the internet. On our phones, on our computers, and even
by our association to other people. As filmmakers and artists, and also
as activists, we are no exception. From governments to private
corporations, the interest in our data is big. We are profiled for
political reasons, for commercial interests, and in this process we
become the product that is sold. In order to learn safer ways of using
the internet, and to protect ourselves, it is important to understanding
those threats: how an identity could be exposed, how traces and social
graphs are created.

Join us for a one-day workshop to learn how we artists and filmmakers
can use social media and other new technologies in a safer way. Also how
we can make better use of data in our work. We will play with different
threats and scenarios, and learn to build skills on how we can create,
protect and sustain an online identity.

Safer Online Behavior and Creative Uses of New Technologies
// Workshop from Interflugs on 8th April 12pm-7pm @ our great cooperation partner co.up (3rd floor)


15-20people can participate. please register with us in time:
Thank you ♥


Leil-Zahra Mortada is a transfeminist queer filmmaker and activist born
in Beirut. They work for Tactical Technology Collective, an NGO of
practitioners that works with data and technology and how it can be used
by activists and human rights defenders safely and more effectively for
their work.[:]