Shaping the collective

SHAPING THE COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION — Collaborative and experimental poster design workshop w/ Sophie Douala

Date: 25/09/2020
*social distancing/corona restrictions will be applied and only a limited number of participants will be able to participate
*partially online/onsite
*register at freieklasse@interflugs.local
25TH SEPTEMBER (FRIDAY) // 1st meeting ONLINE // 1h (5PM — 6PM)
—> workshop presentation: personal growth & communal growth &
introduction to the notion of tools
26TH SEPTEMBER (SATURDAY) // 2nd meeting ON SITE // 5h (1PM — 6PM)
—> 1h presentation of each participant’s tools,
—> 3h experimentation
—>) 1h consolidation of research and explorations
27TH SEPTEMBER (SUNDAY) // 3rd meeting ON SITE // 4h (1PM — 5PM)
—> 3h poster concept
—>) 1h finalisation
During this workshop, we will explore the process of collaboration. How
to empower one’s strength to nourish personal and communal growth.
Participants will be asked to bring one tool— anything from a device to a skill, a material to a reflection… With the intention of collaborating, this tool will become a connector for participants.
Presented within the particular context of the social, economic, and political crisis we are enduring, this workshop aims to create a platform to explore and release emotions through a playful collective expression.
*The workshop is open to anybody interested in creative collective
*A scanner and a printer will be available on site
Sophie Douala is a Berlin based creative designer & visual artist specialised in art direction. She is interested in the interplay and confluence of a formal visual language and its emotional and cognitive affect. Observe – States – Question – The essence – Interpret –
(In)tensions – Represent – Perceptions. She is known for exploring with vibrant colours and gradients while mastering abstract compositions.