Workshop on classism

Date: 28/04/2018

11:00 – 18:00 Hrs
At: xart splitta (Hasenheide 73)

Classism means structural oppression and discrimination based on class background and one’s position in the society. Disadvantages imposed on children from working families or hostility toward the homeless and the unemployed are examples of classism.
In the workshop we want to approach the subject of clasism from different perspectives and we will try to address the followoing questions:

What is classism?
What does classism look like?
How does classism relate to health, education, language and life expectations?
How is classism connected to other forms of oppression such as racism, transphobia and homophobia?
What can we do to fight it?

Since the workshop is open to people of different classes, we will create an empowerment space from 17 to 18 only open to those affected by classism. If you are affected by classism and don’t want to take part in the workshop, you are more than welcome to join only for the empowerment space.

About the workshop-holder:

Francis Seeck is an anti-discrimination tutor, writer and a phd candidate. Francis is active as part of Institute for Classism Research, a network of academics and workers or members of the poor class. Francis was raised in a poor family and as a care leaver . Francis has been engaged with the subjects of care-work, classism and queer-feminism and in 2017 published the book “The Right to Grief. Funerals From a Power-critical Perspective” on edition assemblage, in which the issues of classism, funerals and grief culture are discussed.

Please register at: freieklasse@interflugs.local