Workshop: Sensing Water

Date: 19/10/2019

registration at : freieklasse@interflugs.local
*limited # of participants*
@ Room 9, Hardenbergstrasse 33, 10623

Explore the human relationship with water using artistic research techniques that meld together embodied explorations with those mediated by sensing equipment. Led and facilitated by Dr Austen, this workshop introduces participants to two of these artistic research methods that make use of scientific equipment and embodied techniques to connect with water, and facilitates the exploration of local water using these methods.

Workshop Structure
// 1-DAY //
1) Introduction to theory and methods:
Introduction of the overarching artistic research practice, and outlines the theory behind chemical sensing of water, and embodied exploration of the non-human other using sound based techniques.


2) Field trip:
Sample collection and exploration.
Workshop participants will explore a nearby body of water, collecting water and audio samples using hydrophones.

3) Audio sample recording from water samples
Participants use hacked chemical sensing equipment to generate a library of water audio from water samples collected on the field trip and begin to mix the sounds together to create a soundscape of water.

About Facilitator Dr Austen:
Kat Austen is a person. In her artistic practice, she focusses on environmental issues. She melds disciplines and media, creating sculptural and new media installations, performances and participatory work. Austen’s practice is underpinned by extensive research and theory, and driven by a motivation to explore how to move towards a more socially and environmentally just future.