Splash Image: Freie Klasse in Action

Editing Labs

Interflugs provides two editing spaces for you at Hardenbergstraße 33/Rooms 9A and 9C.

Ton studio// 9A

  • 5.1 studio monitor system
  • Mac computer station with audacity and Ableton
  • renovated for optimal voice and instrument recording with soundproof wall protections
  • on request: you can reserve pioneer Dj XDJ-700 or high quality voice microphone

Video editing Studio // 9C

  • windows computer station with premiere and after effects
  • 3 calibrated monitors, stereo quality sound and neutral lighting
  • on request: reliable color-grading and is equipped with a professional control panel

Every Monday from 13h-17h you can come by to get an Introduction to the rooms, rules of usage and to gain the required access cards.

Keep your ears open for regular technical workshops organized by Interflugs!

All special requests and further questions, please contact us at:@