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Editing Labs


Please note you are required to send an e-mail request a minimum of 2 weeks BEFORE requested date to the following e-mail address: @

Your e-mail should include:

  • your name

  • have you visited schnittplatz before? do you have an account already?

  • time frame for room usage

  • do you need ton studio (sound) or schnittplatz (video)? Please explain in 1-2 sentences for what purpose:

    • if ton studio: do you need other tools like voice microphones? Do you want to practice DJ mixing, etc?

    • if schnittplatz: do you need need other tools like color grading panel? will you use it for online streaming? Or video meetings?


Interflugs provides two editing spaces for you at Hardenbergstraße 33/Rooms 9A and 9C.

Ton studio// 9A

  • 5.1 studio monitor system

  • Mac computer station with audacity and Ableton

  • renovated for optimal voice and instrument recording with soundproof wall protections

  • on request you can reserve:

    • pioneer Dj XDJ-700

    • high quality voice microphone

    • high quality headphones for voice recording

Video editing Studio // 9C

  • windows computer station with premiere and after effects

  • 3 calibrated monitors, stereo quality sound and neutral lighting

  • on request you can reserve:

    • reliable color-grading and is equipped with a professional control panel

    • for streaming:

      • USB BLUE snowball podcast microphone

      • high quality webcam

      • 2 X headphone + microphone headset

In normal times outside of pandemic, holidays and/or summer, you can come by during our office hours from  13h-17h to get an Introduction to the rooms, rules of usage and to gain the required access cards. It is advised to always e-mail before :)

Keep your ears open for regular technical workshops organized by Interflugs!

All special requests and further questions, please contact us at:@