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Editing Workshop with free software

An editing workshop for people with little knowledge of the technologies and methodologies around audiovisual editing focused on independent artists, political activists, collectives, etc, and aims to reduce the technological gap created by the different access to hardware and software.

This workshop is both a small guide towards the fundamental technical concepts of video editing to avoid the common mistakes that slow down our work and a playground to edit your actual projects and apply the new knowledge in class. We’ll work with freeware software, but the skills learned in the workshop are meant to be useful regardless of the software.

One of the objectives of the workshop is that the participants have the possibility of creating connections in order to make future collaborations on their projects. In this sense, at the beginning of each day, the participants will have the chance of talking about their own work and interest.

* For the workshop it is necessary to bring your own computer and an external hard drive, as well as have installed the latest version of Da Vinci Resolve that can be downloaded from the following link:

You’re invited to bring the images of a project you’re working with begin the editing process and share with us and maybe find alliances.

Dates:  18.06. and 25.06.

For registration: Please write an email to Froilán: