Splash Image: Freie Klasse in Action

Equipment Loan

Interflugs runs the loan with more than 300 pieces of analogue and digital photo-, light-, video/film-, recording-, presentation- and audio-equipment and all kind of other tools (f.ex. sewing machine and megaphone) for all students (also non-UdK students).

If it’s your first time to borrow equipment, we need your student-ID, a valid ID card/pass and a proof of a Berliner address. You can make the copy of your documents directly in our equipment loan room.

The loan is located in Hardenbergstr. 33, room 33. The opening hours are on Mondays** from 1 pm to 4 pm. Between 1 – 2 pm the borrowed equipment has to be returned, so that they can be leaned out directly again from 2 – 4 pm. Per person there can be 5 items borrowed per week. We only charge the use of projectors by 50 cents per hour. You are free to reserve equipment beforehand if you personally pop up in the weeks before. Reservations per mail or phone are not possible.

The equipment is not insured, if something brakes you have to come up for the damage. Die Ausleihe – Ein Plädoyer für zusätzliche Notwendigkeit

One again: No reservation via e-mail or phone is possible, come by and reserve personally.

Hardenbergstr. 33 Room 33
Opening hours: Monday 1 – 4 pm
Take backs: Mondays 1 – 2 pm
Hand overs: Mondays 2 – 4 pm

** During semester breaks we have different opening hours. Please check our main page for the updated opening hours during semester break.