DIY Distribution workshop with Vika Kirchenbauer

30th November – 13:00 – 18:00

Frustrated with the fact that so many interesting films and videos never seem to make it to a screen, Interflugs/Qcine decided to offer a workshop where artist and filmmaker Vika Kirchenbauer will share some basics about distribution around following questions:

Where to submit? How to submit? When to submit? What’s important to include? How do I make a distribution plan? What are ‘premiere requirements’? How do I find out about deadlines? Is it worth paying submission fees? How will I receive screening fees? What ways are there to make the submission process less time and money consuming? In which formats should my video be available? If my film/video gets accepted to a festival, where can I apply for travel funding? How does that work? How can past festival screenings of my film/video help me get funding for a next project? What other platforms than festivals exist for the distribution of my work? Will this ever be sustainable?

The workshop will be held in English or German depending on the group of participants.There will be space for questions.

As we don’t have capacity to have a very big number of attendants, please reserve your place in the workshop through the email:

about Vika:  She is an artist and filmmaker. She has been self-distributing her work for the past 6 years. Her internationally awarded films have been shown worldwide at more than 90 festivals including VIDEONALE.14, Uppsala Int’l Short Film Festival, São Paulo Int’l Short Film Festival, Cork Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, cph:dox Copenhagen Int’l Documentary Film Festival, Jihlava Int’l Documentary Film Festival, Visions du Réel Nyon Int’l Documentary Film Festival, L’Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Hamburg Int’l Short Film Festival, European Media Art Festival, MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, Busan Int’l Short Film Festival and Lausanne Underground Film Festival.