Interflugs recommends: “nude in the middle”

Interflugs recommends the self-organised video art seminar “nude in the middle”:

Dear friends and colleagues,
We are happy to announce the upcoming seminar
‘nude in the middle: a practical approach to moving images’.
The seminar is a platform for discussion.
We will have leading figures in the broad film of video art.
We are interested in concrete examples and case studies.
We will be exploring the following questions:
how to position yourself as a video artist
from here on out
in the art world
in the era of mass art production
in the time of pervasive media usage
how to survive (financially and emotionally)
how to cling on to institutions
or how to become an institution
or how to neglect institutions
The seminar is open to all.
The seminar is free.
Please see below for dates and details for each guest.
We want you to benefit directly from the seminar.
The seminar will happen at UdK Hardenbergstr 33 Room 115.
Each day will start at 1pm until 3pm, beginning punctually.
06.05. from portapak to smartphone- a short history of video art
Hito Steyerl filmmaker and writer
Olaf Stüber gallerist (Videoart at Midnight)
Ivo Wessel collector (Videoart at Midnight)
07.05. production & legal issues in the age of image appropiation
Dr. Stefan Haupt lawyer and collector
Christoph Manz cinematographer and post production gremlin
Maria Mohr filmmaker
14.05. distributing, exhibiting & surviving
Sandra Becker project leader for media projects in the field of Art and Technology (ICT)
Stefan Hayn filmmaker and painter
Vika Kirchenbauer artist and writer
15.05. curating video art´s future
Wulf Herzogenrath curator and art historian
Kathy Rae Huffman curator and writer
Silke Wittig head of communication and public program (n.b.k.)
Hito Steyerl is a documentary filmmaker and writer who, often through documentary photography and video, thinks through media circulation. Her work, which examines issues such as globalization, feminism, and postcolonial critique, comprises film, essays, and installations.
Olaf Stüber is a gallerist, curator and collector. His gallery’s program focuses on video art, but also includes photography, performance, installation and painting. For over five years now he has organized “Videoart at midnight” with video art collector Ivo Wessel, in which video art is shown on the big screen at the cinema Babylon in Berlin Mitte.
Ivo Wessel lives as an independent iPhone app developer in Berlin. He has collected contemporary art since his school days and has a special interest in video and conceptual art. For over five years now he has organized “Videoart at midnight” with video gallerist Olaf Stüber , in which video art is shown on the big screen at the cinema Babylon in Berlin Mitte.
Dr. Stefan Haupt is a lawyer and art collector, living in Berlin. He has his own office, specializing in media law and copyright. He has published and lectured in the field of media law. He is a publisher and author
of »Berliner Bibliothek zum Urheberrecht« im Verlag Medien und Recht, München.
Maria Mohr is a berlin based filmmaker. She works in the field of documentary with a very personal approach, exploring the overlapping field between film and all other art forms. Since 2011 she has been part of the jury of the cultural film fund of BKM (The Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs).
Christoph Manz works as a cameraman and in postproduction. He is a technical adviser and assistant for a broad range of different artists as well as for commercial productions . Since 2005 he has taught in the field of Photography, Film and New Media at Universität der Künste Berlin.
Sandra Becker is a video artist working with installation, film and design.
Stefan Hayn is a filmmaker and painter. His movies and paintings try to make the gaps between affirmation and subversion, progress and regress, artistic form and so called critical content emotionally perceptible.
Vika Kirchenbauer is an artist and writer based in Berlin. Profoundly varying in media and aesthetics, she frequently investigates the ways in which concepts like transparency shape and structure the individual and collective circumstances of life. With great fascination for inaccessible anomalies to any form of definition, she takes interest in views of non-participation and post-subjective perspectives outside the realm of stability. Exhibited and awarded internationally, her work also re-imagines spectatorship as a form of immaterial and affective labour.
Wulf Herzogenrath is a leading expert in video art. He has held numerous prestigious curatorial positions and has played a significant role in securing video art’s place in contemporary art.
Kath Rae Huffman is an independent curator and writer who has worked internationally with media artists since the late 1970s. She has directed projects and exhibition programs that support and commission media artists.
Silke Wittig is a cultural manager and curator. She studied fine arts with a focus on photography and new media in Hamburg, Berlin and Paris and did a post-graduate degree in cultural management. Before working as a cultural manager at LOJA in Tetovo, Macedonia (2010–2012), she worked for the video art collection of n.b.k. (2008–2010, 2012–2013). She is now responsible for the public program and communication at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Silke Wittig has implemented various projects and exhibitions with a geographic focus on the Balkan region and curated numerous video screenings.