Lecture Series

Interflugs Lecture Series (ILS), formerly called KünstlerInnengespräche (artist talks), is a series of student-organised events for which artists, cultural workers, activists or theoreticians are invited to talk. ILS are run by a team of Interflugs­tutors, who are happy about any cooperations and suggestions for guests and subjects.

Together we try to advocate a wide spectrum of artistic positions. ILS are not only entitled to  be representative, but understand themselves as actual reflexive towards inner- as well as outer- UdK involvement. The communication of most differentiating fields of production is a maxim.

The lectures take place as free or thematic series during the semester. It is not limited to the form of a classic lecture, but we run workshops as well,  work- discussions, performances, screenings and everything in between is possible. The events are open and free for everyone.

Since the 1980s the lectures were and are recorded. In all its splendor the documentation-DVDs are stored in the loan for to borrow. (Hardenbergstr. 33/Raum 33, monday from 3-6 pm). (List-since-89 and Lecture-Videothek). The events are announced by poster and are promoted via email-newsletter.