d.i.y. Film/Video distribution


 with Vika Kirchenbauer

What to do with a film after it has been completed? Where to submit? How to submit? When to submit? What’s important to include? How do I make a distribution plan? What are ‚premiere requirements’?

How do I find out about deadlines? Is it worth paying submission fees? How will I receive screening fees? What ways are there to make the submission process less time and money consuming? In which formats should my video be available? If my film/video gets accepted to a festival where can I apply for travel funding? How does that work? How can past festival screening of my film/video help me get funding for a next project? What other platforms other than festivals exist for the distribution of my work?
Will this ever be sustainable?

The workshop will be held in English or German depending on the group of participants.
To participate please write to: (please apply until the 29th of January)
The workshop will take place on February 2nd, from 13:00 till 18:00
at West Germany – Skalitzer Straße 133 (2nd Floor)