Keiko Sei: Art, Activism and Archive of Extraordinary Situations


Keiko Sei

Art, Activism and Archive of Extraordinary Situation

Keiko Sei will talk about two extraordinary situations: one is border and
the other is revolution.

Border represents excessive use of the authority’s power. Normal standard
of respecting human right is not applied to border politics, and citizens
are stripped naked in every sense of the word. Border area, at the same
time, is also home to autonomous communities in many countries with its own
laws and rules. Revolution, on the other hand, creates its own laws and
rules in everything in a tentative mode. In this lecture the speaker will
talk about these extraordinary situations and art/media activism in motion
as well as the need of archiving those moments.

Keiko Sei is a writer, curator and advocate of independent media. She has
worked in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus region since 1988 and
in Southeast Asia since 2002. A German media described her as a gatekeeper
of the largest video archive on transition of Eastern Europe in private
hands, some of which was presented at exhibition* Translocation  (new)
media / art*, at Generali Foundation in Vienna in 1999. She writes, curates
and teaches worldwide, including a guest professorship at HFG-Karlsruhe in
2008-9 where she taught media activism, art that challenges legality and
social networking.

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