dream bodies

dream, dream bodies and creativity

Date: 03/11/2020
3rd + 10th November, 4-7pm with Clementine E. Burnley
**limited number of participants**
please register here: freieklasse@interflugs.local
everyone is welcome but the workshop will centre QTIBIPOC experiences
What shapes our stories, and where do our bodies speak to us in everyday life?
This workshop makes space for dreams, intuition, and everyday experiences of our bodies.
It invites, but never insists.
Join us as we:
explore places, situations and historical periods where dreams guide important life decisions, and creative practice make what we feel, see and dream, visible in our work use information contained in images, movement and body sensations use what we say to ourselves in  childhood dreams, night-time and waking dreams, to guide creative process.
Clementine E. Burnley is a writer, process facilitator and community organiser. As a facilitator she centres people with marginalised identities, especially QTBIPOC. She’s interested in creative experimentation, structured by the intellect, authentic emotions, and body sensations. Her writing deals with themes of displacement, fracture, and wholeness. Her most recent work grapples with the imperial legacy in her family of mixed lineages. Writing her hybrid prose collection has been an at times painful journey through fractured identities, and
complicity towards a place of wholeness.
Her work appears or is forthcoming in National Flash Fiction Anthology 2020, Emma Press’ Anthology of Britain, Ink, Sweat and Tears online magazine, loss lit magazine, and Barren Magazine.
You can read her work on
or find her on twitter @decolonialheart
Further information about workshop sessions:
Tuesday 3rd November, 4-7pm
Session 1 (3hr online)
Opening circles: Initial dreams, earliest
memory, dream bodies
Making group agreements on Safety: Bullshit Bingo
Short input on methods and context
Independent work
Small group reflections
Closing Ritual
Tuesday 10th November, 4-7pm
Session 2 (3hr online)
Closing Circles: Initial dreams, earliest memory, dream bodies
Presentations of work in progress
Independent work
Small group reflections
Closing Ritual
image credit: based on an image from Clementine E. Burnley