(Un)learning Collectivity: with Kollektiv Kunst im Zwischenraum

Date: 24/11/2020

Tuesday, November 24th, 18:00 – 20:30
Tuesday, Dec 1st, 18:00 – 20:30

Language: English ( German, Spanish, Portuguese translation possible)

*** limited participants ***
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We encourage participants to join for both sessions, however it is also possible to just attend one.

(Un)learning Collectivity: A workshop to discuss, practice and play with how to build horizontal collective structures with art and education.

We, Kollektiv Kunst im Zwischenraum, an artist collective, invite anyone interested in rethinking collectivity within art and education to come and consider these questions with us:

How do we care for each other, even if our interactions are short in time or via impersonal settings/platforms?
How do we avoid privileging certain forms of knowledge/discourse?
How to best position ourselves to ensure we continue to work outside institutions, but also champion institutional access for practitioners whose identities, (mental/physical-)health, visa-status, etc are marginalised within the arts and culture sector?
What do artists need from a collective? What NOT to do? What do we mean by, and how do we build, horizontality?

Through a mix of practical and playful unlearning exercises that imagine a collective as a building that we all construct together, or as a dance that we all dance to at different rhythms, we aim to reconsider our individual relationship to collective work within the arts, consider how we can build (safer)-spaces from a distance, and discuss how we want to work together in the future.

It will be an informal online space where we think through care-based organisational and commissioning structures as well as solutions to common ‘collective’ wrong-doings, explore some practical exercises around care/consent, and discuss a safe-space policy/ list of aims for participants to take and adapt in their own present/future collectives.

Hosted by Kollektiv Kunst im Zwischenraum (An*dre Neely, Rowan de Freitas, Vivian Chan)

Kollektiv Kunst im Zwischenraum is an artist collective and art mediation platform. At the core of our structure is an autonomous collective, which provides room for idea development, experimentation, project assistance, and feedback. We also function as a supportive framework that connects artistic practices with communities, opportunities and institutions. By reconceptualising working with groups in Berlin, we aim to create a space that promotes artistic, critical and intersectional approaches to education, organization and artistic labour. We encourage not only unconventional ways to navigate institutions but also the sharing and production of non-institutional forms of knowledge.
Our core organisation team currently consists of An*dre Neely , Rowan de Freitas and Vivian Chan, but our fluctuating structure means we are always open to new voices.

Vivian Chan is a Berlin-based artist and art mediator, who uses participatory art as a tool to create spaces that encourage dialogue and sharing between people. Her works become platforms which play with the malleability of the ideas and values that we create, based on our different personal experiences, memories, cultural and social backgrounds. She is interested in interdisciplinary and non-conventional approaches to (un)learning and using play as a method of knowledge production and transfer.

Rowan Tara de Freitas is a multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Berlin. Usually working collaboratively with other artists, organizations, communities and groups, she embraces playful approaches to language(s), learning and collectivity. She is particularly interested in applying intersectional feminist approaches within creative education to facilitate horizontal dialogues and to resist and deconstruct institutional hierarchies.

An*dre Neely is a Berlin-based artist working at the intersections of performance, writing and digital practice. Prioritizing non-hierarchical and process-driven collective encounters, they play with hybrid-forms, lo-fi and speculative fiction to expose the way we organise bodies, work, desire, communication, and identity.