Bleeding Stories with Susana Vásquez Torres

Date: 29/11/2020

Bleeding Stories with Susana Vásquez Torres
speaking from the body experience

Sunday, November 29th: 15:00- 18 :00

for people who experience menstruation
***very limited participation:
3-5 participants. ***
language: English
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This workshop is a sharing and hopes to be collective learning, re-learning and unlearning. In this space we will talk about our ideas, reflections, memories and experiences regarding menstruation and how perhaps these ideas have changed over the years. While we talk I will also propose some exercises to shape the experience through paintings and drawings. The idea is to open new spaces to talk and learn collectively about menstruation. Thus creating new discourses on the subject that are based on our own experiences.

Susana Vasquez Torres is a Peruvian feminist artist based in Berlin. She graduated as a painter at the school of Fine Arts in Peru and is currently studying a master’s degree in Art in Context at the University Art of Berlin. Throughout her artistic career she has used different media among which painting, engraving, performance and video stand out. The themes that she is passionate about and has worked on the most are based on feminism and the fight against patriarchy. Her projects have focussed on the role of women in the history of Peru, domestic violence, femicide and menstruation. She is passionate about artistic mediation and education within the arts. She is currently working on projects that aim to generate collective knowledge through sharing. One of these projects is Bleeding Stories.

This workshop is supported and hosted by kunstimzwischenraum and interflugs.