03.12.2020 : Science Fiction Interactive Exploration with SJ Rahatoka 16:00 ❤ Share Beyond Space and Time: Science Fiction Interactive Exploration with SJ Rahatoka

Science Fiction Interactive Exploration with SJ Rahatoka

Date: 02/12/2020
Beyond Space and Time: Science Fiction Interactive Exploration with SJ Rahatoka
Dec 2, 2020 3pm-6pm Session 1 online
Dec 3, 2020 3pm-6pm Session 2 online
**limited number of participants**
open to everyone
please register here: freieklasse (at)
Beyond Space and Time is a call for co-creating an online experimental hybrid Sci-Fi performance piece together. Through experimentation and exploration of various creative processes and assemblage.
The first session of the workshop will offer a space for exploration, connection and self-discovery. We want to give our minds the delight of experiencing the limitlessness of their creativity through openness and playfulness.
Challenging the notions of Space and Time will be the foundation to help us transcend our own belief systems and unlock our imaginations.
During the second session we will share our discoveries together and perform our personal and collective creations to and with each other.
Proposals for Themes and Topics (not exhaustive) :
-Astral Projection
-Collecting/recording the sounds and images from the Universe
– Parallel Universes/ Exploration of other Dimensions
-Time Travelling
-Sci-Fi and Queerness
-Post Apocalyptic Landscapes
-Akashic Records
-Source of All Lives
Suggestions of art forms and media (not exhaustive) :
– Writing, Storytelling (short story, fictive poetry)
-Scenes of a Theater Play
-Video/short film
-Visual Art/Painting/Drawing
SJ Rahatoka is a Black Queer Non-Binary theatermaker, filmmaker, actor and interdisciplinary performance creator based in Berlin. Their work combines a reflection about personal, political and spiritual empowerment with movement, theatre, dance, music and video. SJ was born in France and they are from Madagascar and Mauritius.
SJ is one of the members of The Glass Collective and co-created ‘Swarm of Selenium’ a Queer experimental Sci-Fi movie about collective healing.
SJ wrote and directed the play ‘The Beginning of Our Endless Love’ as an opening of what they like to call a holistic trilogy. The piece explores some of SJ’s favourite themes : Afrofuturism, Queerness and Interconnectedness.