Yoggaton workshop!


YOGGATON WORKSHOP with Maque Pereyra

13.00-16.00 Hrs

Uferstudios. Uferstrasse 8, 13357, Berlin
Studio 8

Interflugs invites you to a YOGGATON WS.
YOGGATON is a movement practice that aims to work at a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level through a series of exercises that gathers yoga asanas and spiritual principles, andean spirituality, fitness and imagination exercises and perreo which is a dance that goes along with reggaeton and is similar to twerk.

Maque Pereyra artist/dancer/performer/ YOGGATON creator/ cumbia-reggaeton lover based in Berlin. “In my work I deal with personal material as means for engaging with a wider understanding and production of practice, knowledge and theory in order to connect with a broader social frame full of colonial woundings in which the enjoyment, growth and sharing of oneself in body-mind- soul-spirit, the exercise of memory, the practice of rituals, the awakening of consciousness, the embracement of sexuality, sensuality, emotions, sensations, affections and intuitions and the notion of deserving love and pleasure, are constantly diminished and/or threatened and therefore I see them as modes of resistance, knowledge production and a healing decolonial rebellion facing the different oppressive structures”.

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Free for all levels!
Limited places!
Please bring a yogamat and comfortable clothes.

Queer, Trans, Indigenous People, Migrants, Black People, People of Color, Latinxs, everyone but white cis-male are invited.