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Project Support

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*current summer 2019 deadline is : August 4th

We, the self-organized student organisation Interflugs, reflect on social inequalities and their reproduction in academia, particularly in the field of arts. Who studies at the art school and who doesn’t? Who can partake of and use the resources? Who represents the institution? Who takes decisions? And, even in critical projects, who speaks for whom?

Interflugs is an heterogeneous group, our members position themselves as white, migrants, Kanacken, and PoC. We seek for various ways of dealing with racism and discrimination and develop strategies to take action. As a self-organized institution within the University of the Arts Berlin we are aware of the dominant discourses deriving from a white perspective and we want to oppose this imbalance. Making use of our privileged position we aim for a sensible distribution of the given ressources.

With our project funding we support ideas, which deal with critical and emancipatory topics and have a sociopolitically relevance. Our intention is to support empowering projects that are made by communities for communities, that are interdisciplinary, and open for students and non-students. People without an academic background, as well as those who are socially disadvantaged and affected by racism and classism, will especially be supported by us.

Reflection is an ongoing process. We know our aim is a drop in the ocean. Eager and questioning we go forward (preguntando caminamos) and are looking forward to you and your ideas.

Interflugs funds material costs with a maximum of 400€ per project. We can also provide assistance in facilitating spaces, equipment, etc. Please bring a short written description (around one page explaining what it is and some visuals when relevant) of your project, as well as a budget plan (how much money you apply for, and for what exactly and total budget as well as other expected fundings)  to the proposal meeting.

That’s how the financial part works:

Although we would like to organise the process much less bureaucratic, we are forced to keep the accounts through the university administration. This means, that Interflugs itself can’t transfer money to you directly, but you have to give us receipts of material costs of the supported projects, which are then refunded through the UdK onto your bank account. Food and travel costs can’t be refunded. The receipts should be evidence of cash-payments. If anything was payed with an EC-card the additional bank statement is required. The bank account should be identical with the one, to which the refund will be transfered to (a German bank account). Please send us a small documentation of your project with date, place, short description or an image for the archive on the Interflugs homepage.

We publish the dates of our funding via our blog and mailing list. Please apply via e-mail at @