Project Support

Interflugs Project Funding Initiative

Criteria and Selection for the Project Funding Initiative offered by Interflugs 

Through the project funding initiative, we support projects and undertakings which deal with critical social-justice and/or emancipatory topics and have a socio-political relevance. We announce our open call two times per year for applications, once in summer semester and once in winter semester.

Our intention is to support projects that are interdisciplinary, projects which are empowering, projects that are made by communities for communities, projects that are open for students and non- students to connect and exchange knowledges and experiences. People without an academic background, seeking ways to access the arts university, as well as those who are socially disadvantaged and affected by racism and classism, will especially be supported by us. 

Who can apply?

(1) Anyone can apply. We will especially support projects that are interdisciplinary, across-faculties and/or connecting diverse groups together. We will also especially support projects that promote knowledge exchanges, or challenges to knowledges and discourses, through a variety of means or media, that expand the usual horizons of student learning at the University of Arts, Berlin.

(2) Projects in which UdK students are not directly involved can only be funded if there is a concrete benefit for the students of UdK. However, exceptions can be granted for projects external to the UdK, if the project is of particular importance to providing socially relevant, humanitarian work, human-rights, and ties into the guidelines that Interflugs has outlined.

Application-process for project funding

The Project Funding Initiative supports projects with funding grants for up to 400€ per project. The application process occurs twice yearly. Following is information about what kind of projects can be supported through the Initiative and how to apply. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Interflugs office for further information.

(3) We accept funding proposals for every possible kind of project, across all fields of creative production and knowledge production. We support films, events, actions, activism, writing-based media, zines, newspapers, performance, exhibitions, community sporting events, musicals, theater, etc.

(4) Interflugs announces the Project Funding Initiative at least 6 weeks before the application deadline. The deadline occurs twice-yearly and is published openly for everyone to access it through each of the Interflugs communication networks, including via website, newsletter, facebook page, and instagram page.

(5) The application requires a short description of the project (1/2 – 1 page), list of project participants, a budget including specific expenditures and any other funding sources. No other extra material is required. 

(6) The budget should include only expected material costs. We cannot fund equipment expenditures, or fees for artists or participants in the project, or costs of food and drink.

(7) An email should be sent with the application to the email indicated in the Open Call, with subject: Project Funding Application_Year_Semester

Selection Process for Project Funding

(8) All Interflugs members participate in the procedure of selecting projects to be funded. Every member reads through each project application that has been submitted and considers each project in accordance to the Project Funding Initiative guidelines.

(9) Interflugs members collectively select Project Applications to be invited to an interview-process.

(10) After the interview process, the final round of selections is made collectively by all the members of Interflugs.

(11) Interflugs informs each Applicant that has been selected for a funding grant via email, elaborating on the procedure of receiving their project funding grant. In the case of rejection of financial support, help in the form of other resources and/or any other services will be considered in their notification.

(12) Projects that are unsuccesful, Interflugs assesses how it can support via other resources, if useful, such as Equipment, Rooms or possible Workshop platforms. Interflugs inform all unsuccesful projects via email and invite them to apply again in the future.

(13) Interflugs documents and archive every project that has received a project funding grant. Interflugs is eager to shares any news or updates regarding projects that have been funded via our Projekt Funding Initiative through our communication networks.

We publish the dates of our funding via our blog and mailing list. Please apply via e-mail at [email][/email]