Public Statement about the released budget for self-governed student projects and the autonomy of Interflugs:

We are happy to announce the new President of UdK, Norbert Palz, is officially releasing the frozenbudget for autonomous, self-governed student Initiatives and Projects and was eager to see Interflugsand other student groups work together in 2020. The budget will be released in 2 parts across eachSemester and Interflugs maintains its role as ASV Commission and its responsiblity for dispersingthese funds through the different Initiatives and Projects supported through the Interflugs office.


The budget is being released on the condition that the Student Parliament and Interflugs are able tosupport one another, communicate and co-operate going forward. We look forward to workingtogether in this way in the coming months. Offers for mediation regarding any cultural differencesbetween the student groups was a proposal we are also happy to accept in case negotiations stall ordisintegrate.


Our proposal that Interflugs must remain autonomous to self-determine its own guidelines andprotocols, but that this shall be presented to the Student Parliament was supported by everyone presentat the meeting, including Student Parliament representatives, International Office representatives, andInterflugs members. This will be discussed at the next Student Parliament meeting and we will sharethe dates of when we present the Interflugs Office working papers for students to contribute andprovide feedback.


The meeting was also emotional as Norbert Palz made connections between the fragility of artsinstitutional structures to fascism in the guise of policy and bureaucracy and the need to protectprojects that have been created from the ground up. These ideas echo sentiment from students at theVollversammlung in December.


We will keep you updated as to when we open the call for Project Funding as soon as possible. As fornow, we have recently announced we are looking for more interflugs members until 22.03.2020 (pleasecheck our post for more details regarding the position).


best wishes,Erfan, Mouna, Salma, Ilgaz, Imogen, Dalis, Kristen, Bilge, Lucia,Interflugs 2020