Update Covid-19

Dear friends and students,

We will be closing all of our services and office effective today due to the increased needs for precautions and responsibilities to stop increased infections of COVID -19 during this global health crisis. 

If anyone has planned to borrow equipment from the Equipment Rental, utilize the editing/or sounds studio or utilize the Freie Klasse rooms, we are not able to offer these services right now.  
We cannot confirm when they will reopen as we are responding to the changing situation. 

If anyone currently has equipment on loan from the Interflugs Ausleihe we will be in touch via telephone this weekend to arrange equipment return. 

We are sorry for the disruption to people’s work process but it is extremely important now to prioritize health and safety and act responsibly together. 

Accordingly, the University of Arts, Berlin will be closing its buildings on Wednesday 18.03.2020. 

For all students, we urge everyone to stay informed via the following links:…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

All of us working at Interflugs, will continue to work remotely and are seeking ways to be of the most practical assistance to everyone who normally accesses our resources and to ensure the Initiatives of student-organizing are not abandoned even if it needs to be adapted for digital technology at this moment. 

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Please take care,
Best wishes 

Bilge, Mouna, Imogen, Dalis, Kristen, Ilgaz, Erfan, Salma and Lucia