Visual Story Telling – Ethics, Practices and Techniques

We are happy to announce the Workshop on- “Visual Story
Telling – Ethics, Practices and Techniques”. The Workshop
will take place in Berlin University of Arts-UDK (Hardenbergstraße 33 ). Dates: 16 and 17 of Aprile. Starting time from 14:00 until 17:00. Room 34C.

Places for the participants are limited, we want to make sure that you 
are really interested to attend. Please send us confirmation letter to 
the E-mail: with a few sentence about  your 
activity and write in the subject name of the Workshop: Visual Story 
Telling – Ethics, Practices and Techniques
An event is free of charge.


This workshop is aimed at visual storytellers with an emphasis on 
photography but the techniques and issues covered will overlap with film 
and other media. We will look at the obstacles and practical solutions 
to long-term projects – how to identify a story, how to gain access to 
spaces and communities, and the ethics involved. The workshop will ask 
questions like, How am I uniquely qualified to tell this story? Should I 
be telling this story? What is my obligation to the people and spaces I 
work in and with? How do I create a story about a very personal topic? 
We will talk about real life experiences and will also touch on how to 
make things happen and what to do with finished projects – funding, 
publishing and exhibition/screening possibilities. The workshop will be 
theoretical (we’re not going to make work together) but the participants 
are expected to ask questions, be open and respectful, and be willing to 
participate in group discussions.

Who can join:
Anyone interested in visual storytelling. Maybe you’ve already created 
stories and are looking for inspiration, maybe you’re too scared to 
start, maybe you’re in the middle of a project and looking for guidance. 
No previous experience in necessary and people from all backgrounds and 
cultural experiences are encouraged to apply.

About the workshop holder:
Alexa Vachon is a Canadian born, New York educated, Berlin based 
photographer and photojournalist who works on assignment for various 
international publications and on long-term projects focusing on women’s 
rights and human rights. Vachon has recently self-published two books – 
one about a football team for refugee women in Berlin and one about 
queer and feminist pornography. Another book, following The Knife on 
their last international tour, was published in 2017. Vachon was a 2018 
finalist for the PH Museum Women Photograph Grant, is a member of Women 
Photograph and was a European Journalism Fellow at the Freie Universität 
in 2016-2017.